The Inevitable

After another week of living in beautiful Nepal, with hours of contemplation, I’ve decided to write a more personal blog entry.  A few months ago, Lisa had me watch an interesting video produced by Carl Sagen, entitled “The Pale Blue Dot”.  The “Dot” refers to planet earth and is referred to as such due to its microscopic, irrelevant, practically non-existent size in comparison to the universe as a whole.  The five-minute clip points out that absolutely everyone who you have ever known, seen, or even heard about in history, has lived on the same small spec of an irrelevant pale blue dot that we call planet earth.  I won’t go into the full detail of the video, as you can surely watch it yourself, but this video changed my perception on things a great deal, and is one of the main inspirations for this post.

I have come to the depressing but true realization that no matter what I do in life, how ever many places I go or number of people I meet; I will not live forever.  There is no fountain of youth, or any faint hint that one exists.  Scientific theories differ among how long a human being can possibly live but the most reputable sources estimate 125-130 years.  All theories, however; conclude that no human being, according to the code and laws of genetics, can possibly live forever.  It is quite possibly one of the most depressing concepts to grasp; that no matter what you do or successful you become, one day your life will come to an end. Your legacy or work may live on in the future, but you will not be there to witness it in a humanly form.  At 23, I can’t imagine getting old and one day dying; but it will surely happen.  Some hold religious beliefs that we will all one day be reincarnated into another entity or being,  and many others believe that their religious savoir Jesus Christ broke this mold, was resurrected and lives forever in a celestial promise land they call heaven .  But no matter what does happen when the time comes, I think all readers agree that our time on planet earth in our current human form is limited. All we can really do is admire everything the world has to offer and enjoy our time here the best way we know how.

This fact, while seemingly obvious, is quite difficult to grasp, but once I did understand more wholeheartedly, I started to realize things.  First, I know that in the end, only one person controls my life, me.  Other people may influence decisions I make and the path I take, but I am my own keeper(as is the same with every other human being).  And second, there will always be people who think the decisions I make are foolish, misguided, or downright ignorant.  In life I expect this, everyone that wants to accomplish goals in life, whatever these goals may be, should realize it to….and this brings me to the main point…

Look at history, or just the people you know personally.  There has not been one highly successful, self made person who did not come across someone, anyone, who thought some of their decisions were off the wall or totally wrong.  Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, the list goes on.  Every one of these people, whether you like or agree with their thoughts, have been or are very successful in their own right, and I guarantee each and every one of them had people who tried to bring them down, tried to tell them their ideas could not become reality, or ridiculed them for their actions at some point in time.  The point is that the bigger a person’s goals in life are, generally the more critics they will have.

Bringing things full circle, no matter what I or anyone does with their life, in time life will end. So in turn, doing what makes YOU happy is the greatest form of success.  You will find it in the dictionary… “success: noun -The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” It is, quite frankly, as simple as that; having an aim in life, and living up to and accomplishing that aim.  So whatever your aim may be in life, as long as your goals make you happy and you accomplish them, you could, in some forms, be considered just as successful as any person who has ever lived…and I will leave things on that thought to be continued at a later date.


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3 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. Anna on said:

    Adam, I believe we will live forever, not just in the physical sense. To me, Heaven is not a place but rather the state of being in the presense of God for all eternity. Keep writing your blogs. I enjoy reading them.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I am open to hearing the opinions and views of people from all walks of life. I feel that if we learn to be tolerant and inviting of the thoughts expressed by others, then we in turn learn more about ourselves..ultimatly making this world we all share a better place. Keep reading…thanks for your support!

  2. Shirley Laird on said:

    I think at some point we all come to the depressing realization that our time on this earth is limited and that our lives are definately short. I’ts what you do with the time you have that makes life worth living. I think your comment about doing what makes you happy is the greatest form of success it an excellent way to guide your decisions and goals. I wish I would have realized this when I was your young age!

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