We still have a long way to go…

Feeling so appalled by a story I read recently on CNN, I felt compelled to comment and express some additional thoughts on the topic and my increasing interest to become more educated about it. You may read the whole story by the link that I post, but over the weekend an afghan women was publicly executed; shot with a rifle at point-blank range nine times in the middle of a city street just outside of the capital city to the cheering of dozens of men crowded on the hillside to watch. Her crime;….alleged adultery. Two men both claimed to have some type of relationship with the women and to solve the argument, there was a one hour court trial before it was decided the women had participated in an adulterous act. She was subsequently executed in brutal fashion without the chance for her to defend herself.

Although no image can be found with better quality (for obvious reasons) this was the fate of a women accused of adultry in Afghanistan…

While this is example of heinous cruelty toward women, (or any human being for that matter) sadly, it is not an isolated case, or even terribly uncommon is some areas of the world. It saddens me that in the year 2012, a time with a handful of women world leaders, along with millions of women doctors, lawyers, police officers, professional athletes, etc., that there are still places in the world where women are legally referred to as the physical property of their male counterpart. Although there are many unspeakable things currently going on in the world, the shocking mistreatment of, and atrocious attitude toward women on a world scale may be our planets largest issue. There are countless accounts of women being severally beaten or killed as punishment for giving birth to a girl rather than a boy. There are still nations that prohibit women from going to school, voting, driving a car, or holding a job, among other injustices.

What has disappointed me even more is that until recently, I was not aware of these types of issues, or at least aware of how troublesome the problem is for so many human beings around the world. What encourages me, however, is that I am living in a place that allows me to contemplate my thoughts on the world around me. Although my travels have only taken me to a few small corners of the world thus far, I try to learn from each place I go. I want my experiences to not only create lasting memories for myself, but to also expand the platform for which I can speak, standing up for those who have no platform on which to stand. My reach is quite small on this blog, but if the small number of people who read it just take a few seconds to sit and think that if you have the capability to get on the internet and read the words I write, then you also have the capability to do something to let others know about it.

My writing often times stresses on things that are quite depressing, even sometimes day-ruining for me as I write, but knowing what is really happening in the world and understanding it is the first step on the road to improving it. I certainly won’t completely change an entire world view on an attitude toward women, or any other extreme misfortune so many people face daily in my lifetime. What I can do, and what I would urge others to do, is to at least try to learn about it. I’m not sure of the origin of the saying “knowledge is power”, but the insight is spot on. If you don’t know about something, it can’t possibly change…. And on a very…very small scale, this is the change I try to make.


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3 thoughts on “We still have a long way to go…

  1. This issue goes beyond comprehension. It does receive media coverage but sadly continues. The world is full of good and evil. Hopefully, one day this practice will cease.

    • Shirley on said:

      Informing people is the best way to effect change Adam. Keep informing and letting people know what you are thinking.

  2. Ziwang on said:

    Influencing human’s mind to do something good and practice the right path is really a difficult task.They know it is not right but continues to do so.I would suggest you to keep on sharing these stories through facebook which is the most popular site and create as much awareness as possible.

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