And….We’re off!

Over the next week I won’t be doing any blogging… and for good reason. Starting tomrrow morning, Lisa and I will be hopping around northern India for a little while.  The highlight of our journey, the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world!  I have had the chance to see a handful of amazing sights, but I’m hoping the Taj will rank up there with some of the breath-taking sights I have ever gotten the chance to see.

Perhaps even more intriguing to me, our short stay will also take us to a mystical Varanasi, which lays claim to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world!  It is also an extremely spiritual place and pilgrimage site for Hindus in all of India and beyond.  Varanasi is said to be one of the cultural hearts of India…so I am looking to get cultured!  Lisa and I are taking no luggage..just a small backpack each.  I am going to be dirty; I’m going to probably smell like shit most of the time, but it is going to be great.


India is said by many to be a powerful, eye opening experience for travels around the world.  With everything I have, I will try to remain unbiased and go into the experience with an open mind, taking every sight and sound with me as I go.  For this reason, I will not post any more of our trip until we return.  I’ am so lucky to have been given this great travel experience and I plan on enjoying myself as much as possible.


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3 thoughts on “And….We’re off!

  1. Anna on said:

    What an opportunity!!! Happy Travels:)

  2. Shirley on said:

    Hope you both have an amazing time.

  3. ZiwangGurung on said:

    Wish you and Lisa a wonderful trip.

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